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Learn to Earn by Points Farming at Gary Club

What is Points Farming?

"Put simply, crypto points farming refers to completing tasks or performing specific actions on a blockchain or Web3 protocol to gain rewards points."

There is a big bag of money allocated for rewards at Gary Club.

Rewards that are paid daily!

The more points you earn, the larger your share of the rewards.

Note: You must earn 15 points in a single day to qualify for rewards that day.

Reward Examples

Creator Rewards

For this example:
The current value of 1 $GARY = $0.16 USD
That would then show member Pn11 earning $8.48 in rewards for the day, MauiNancy earning $5.26, and Dallas earning $1.82.

How to Earn Points

Disclaimer: All values are subject to change at any time without notice (usually there is an announcement in the discord server)

1. POW Streak (1 – 15 points)
-This is the first way that new members earn points.
-Proof of Work (POW) is a feature of Gary Club where once a day you can fill out a form and log what tasks you completed in your life.
-Each day is worth 1 point. Consecutive days add up to a max streak of 15 points.
Note: If you miss a day then your streak goes back to 0.

 2. Giraffe Owner Perks (15 – 25 points)
-How does starting each day with some automatic points sound, enough to earn rewards without doing anything else?
-Owning a giraffe means to own an NFT from the official Giraffe Tower NFT project. There are only 7,666 giraffe in the world and at the time of this writing there are 142 giraffe listed for sale with the cheapest one being 2.238 SOL which is roughly $226.75.
-Own 1 giraffe (15 points)
-Own 5 giraffes and 5,000 $GARY (20 points) – also known as being “a member of the HERD”
-Own 25 giraffes and 25,000 $GARY (25 points) – also known as being “a WHALE in the community”

3. 2x Multiplier Rocket Power (double your current point total)
-A new giraffe purchase will temporarily double your points for a number of days when you use an external wallet that is linked to your Gary Club account in Social Connector.
– 5 days if you are at Level 2 (1+ giraffes)
10 days if you are at Level 3 (5+ giraffes and 5,000 $GARY)
15 days if you are at Level 4 (25+ giraffes and 25,000 $GARY)
Note: You can stack giraffe purchases for a maximum of 25 days.

4. Stacker NFT (25 points)
-Gary Club Stacker is a separate NFT collection. Only 50 exist and they are all owned, but some are listed for sale in the marketplace. At the time of this writing the cheapest one is listed for 33.75 SOL which is roughly $3,419.55.
-Owning a Stacker NFT is worth 25 points

5. Add to the Community by Making a Daily Post to the Feed (5 points)
-Say gm, share a photo, tell us a joke. It’s up to you.

6. Support Other Creators (mystery points)
-We don’t know how it is calculated or exactly how much, but we do know that the following metrics will favor you:
-The number of creators you support
-The quantity of Creator Coins that you own
-The total value in $GARY of all the Creator Coins that you own

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