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So you have a deal that you would like to share with us? That is great! 

The only way we know of to automatically validate if a customer owns a top hat giraffe is to use Social Connector. It takes a little bit of setup time, but it is straightforward. You will be making a sales page with Social Pay, that is limited to a segment that you will create based on loading the NFT contract for Giraffe Tower.

  • Load the Giraffe Tower NFT contract inside of Social Connector (wiki)
  • Create a segment of the contract
    type : trait_gate ,
    contract : H5P4frZiXzTKucCPHyFwQoSSY5bVPG5BPdeeKAnX7CnA ,
    trait_type : hat ,
    trait_value : Top Hat
  • Create a sales page with Social Pay inside Social Connector and choose your new segment. (wiki)
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