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Where shall we start?

If you want to learn crypto, NFTs, blockchain, token-gated community, and more then you are in the right place.

NFTs, Non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that are revolutionizing the art and collectibles world. With blockchain technology, NFTs offer a transparent way to record ownership and prove authenticity. Creators are now able to monetize their content like never before, while collectors can finally own and display their favorite one-of-a-kind pieces. Join a growing community of pioneers who see the potential in this transformative technology and explore the lucrative market of NFTs. The future of digital art and collectibles is here with NFTs. It’s time to unlock their power!

An NFT is essentially a digital version of a baseball card or pokemon card, etc.

No more concerns over wear and tear, and taking care of the condition of your trading cards. They are 100% digital now!

Gary Club is a vibrant community of creative professionals and enthusiasts who come together to learn and grow… and make money. As creators, we are making money every single day or at least, the opportunity is there for the taking if we put in the effort. Visit Gary Club

Gary Henderson is a business consultant and mentor. His team has built (and continues to update) a revolutionary software called Social Connector. SC is the magic that takes community building to the next level by linking blockchain technology with Discord server with digital wallets with thousands of other apps via Zapier.


10 Ways to Monetize in Web3


Points Farming for Daily Rewards
There are a number of ways to earn points each day which determine how much daily rewards you earn.
Read about Points Farming

Create Paid Posts
Everyone can publicly post on the news feed in Gary Club. You can also create a post that is locked until a user pays to see it.
Read about Paid Posts

BAGS Rewards

There is another coin called $BAGS. If you own 500 or more of these coins then you receive a daily reward. It has averaged around 0.96 $GARY coins for a single serving of BAGS. Each increment of 500 gets you a larger percentage of the rewards.

Community Token Rewards

Social TokensIn the GARY ecosystem there are a number of communities with their own coin. If you own 10,000 of a community coin and that community earned daily rewards then you get a percentage of those rewards.

Shout out to Gino and $DRIVE, Dr. Power and $DRPOWER


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