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Learn to Earn with Paid Posts at Gary Club

What are Paid Posts?

When you make a post on Gary Club you have a few options:

Create Paid Posts

  • The default is a Public post viewable to everyone.
  • A Supporters post is viewable only to users who are supporting you by owning your creator coin. If someone is not your supporter they will see a shortened version of the post with a prompt to become a supporter. Learn about Creator Coins here.
  • For this article we are focusing on the Paid option. When you select Paid you can enter the amount of $GARY coins that you would like to charge each user to unlock your post.
Locked Paid Posts
Locked Paid Post Example

If the user pays to unlock then they will see the full content of that post now and forever. It is not for a limited time. You don’t have to pay again for the same post.

Unlocked Paid Post
Unlocked Paid Post Example

Wait, there's more... the power of segments at gary club

When you create a paid post at Gary Club, behind the scenes in Social Connector, a user segment is created for you. Every user who pays to unlock your post will be added to this segment automatically.

Paid Post Segment
Paid Post Segment at Gary Club

When you have a segment of users at Gary Club you can do all sorts of things.

  • You can airdrop coins to them. This is a 1-time action that will send the amount of coins you specify and an optional note to everyone in the user segment. The recipients will also be notified by email that they received this airdrop from you.
Create an AirDrop at Gary Club Example
Airdrop Email
AirDrop Email at Gary Club Example
  • You can setup Social Pay sales pages that are restricted to the segment. This is useful if you want to offer an exclusive deal and have control over who is allowed to purchase it.
  • You can do a Segment Mint of an NFT. This action will mint and deliver your chosen NFT to all of the users in the segment. They will pay nothing, and you will pay the gas fees.
Shoutout to fellow creator JJ who recently made a paid post for a $GARY Coin Giveaway Contest. Users can pay 1 $GARY to unlock this post which will add them to a user segment. JJ will then probably use the SocialConnector Airdrop feature with the Random mode enabled. When this airdrop runs, SocialConnector will randomly select 1 user from the segment and send them the 50 $GARY prize. Great utilization of the tech at Gary Club, JJ!!!
Gary Giveaway
Gary Giveaway Example

Everyone Can Make Paid Posts

All of the examples above can be completed for free by all users of Gary Club. This is just one of the many ways that you can monetize yourself.

If you have not yet joined our creator community, please join using my referral link 

All creators earn 1.5% rewards on new creators that they refer into the community. You can too!

Advanced Examples

Now these are examples only available to you with paid memberships. If you subscribe to SocialConnectorPRO you get api access which you can utilize over at Zapier to connect to thousands of apps and create endless automations.

You set Social Connector up as your Trigger on the event type of New user in segment. Zapier will then actively monitor your Gary Club user segment for when new users are added which will trigger the series of actions that you define.

Zapier Segment
Zapier Segment Example
  • You can add the user to your mailing list at ConvertKit
  • Import the user into a Google Spreadsheet
  • Post a notification to your social media feed
There are so many possibilities.
Again, this is just one of many ways to monetize at Gary Club. What are you waiting for?

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