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How to Turn Crypto into Cash

This article will explain how to turn crypto into cash of your local currency (USD for our purposes here).

1. An account with
Optional: A coinbase debit card

So you have a bag of GARY coin sitting in Social Connector and you want to spend it in the real world?
Okay let’s do this!

1) Swap your GARY to SOL

  • Click on Swap under the Account section of the menu.
  • Then setup your trade from GARY to SOL.

  • Swap Coins

    2) Send SOL to your Coinbase account

  • Go to the Wallet section.
  • Find your SOL and click the Send coin button.

  • On this form you will paste in your Solana wallet address string from coinbase, verify SOL is the Coin, enter the amount you wish to send, type an optional note, and click the Send Coin button.

  • I recommend you do a small test amount for your first transfer to become confident that you did it correctly.

    Turn crypto into cash

  • To get your coinbase address, go to and log-in.
  • Click the Send & Receive button.
  • On the popup go to the Receive tab.
  • Change from Bitcoin to Solana.
  • Down below it should state your "SOL address".
  • Copy that entire text of characters and paste it in Social Connector as the recipient.

  • 3) Withdraw or Spend your Solana

  • In a few minutes your transfer should be complete and you will see the balance reflected in coinbase.
  • At this point you can do a withdraw action to your bank account.

  • If you have a coinbase debit card, make sure that SOL is set as your spending asset and you are good to go, to swipe and buy that Big Mac or Squishmallow doll.

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